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I am the literary critical detective.

In my work I examine the mise en scene of classic detective stories carefully, paying attention to the smallest metaphorical detail, sifting through the facts and then distorting them according to my whim.
My friends have been kind enough to express some interest in my observations and so to this end I am making this journal available. I hope that you might also find it of some interest.

The Literary Critical Detective.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Blog Post a Day: A Project for June

It is so hard to think clearly, with subtlety and deftness. It is even harder to articulate one’s thoughts in a nuanced manner.

When I’m working on a new literary critical case it sometimes seems as if the books that line my study walls are leering down at me like so many grotesques, mocking me and my meek efforts. The more I try to think, the more the thoughts form an impenetrable fog in my mind, a fog that gets everywhere, even in this muggy, muddy English summer.

In order to extricate myself from these difficulties I have made a rash decision. Yesterday evening, having posted my review of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Big Four’, I promised myself that I would update this online journal everyday until the end of the month – and possibly even beyond.

I hope that by setting myself the task of writing something new on a regular basis I will disperse the critical and creative torpor that hangs over me and, it would seem, this whole building. Moreover, I hope that I will instigate a new practice of writing.

I bumped into Thistleton yesterday. He expressed some kind thoughts about the project, although he doubted the possibility of engineering creative insight through practice.

I would really appreciate it if you, dear Reader, were able to support me in my endeavour by following this blog (click the button on the right) and by checking in each day to see what I’ve written.

à demain…

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